Since its incorporation in 1994, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has made substantial donations to the Winnebago community and the Winnebago Tribe. These contributions consist not only of direct monetary donations, but also materials and "in kind" services. Contributions include fundraising for organizations and non-profits as well as tax revenues, dividends paid to the Tribe and payroll.

Between 2000 and 2014 Ho-Chunk, Inc. contributed more than $53 million to the Tribal community. These contributions had a $100.7 million impact on the Winnebago Reservation. *

"The Economic Contributions of Ho-Chunk to the Winnebago Reservation, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and the U.S.” Ernest Goss, Ph.D., Goss & Associates, August 25, 2015.

These donations and community involvement help provide programs and services to bring hope, opportunity and real progress to the lives of the Winnebago people.


Ho-Chunk, Inc. Community and Tribal Financial
Donations and Involvement

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Little Hill Daycare
  • Little Priest Tribal College Library
  • Senior Citizens Christmas Gifts
  • St. Augustine's Mission School
  • Winnebago Adult Athletic Teams
  • Winnebago Community Development Fund
  • Winnebago Culture Night
  • Winnebago Fire Department
  • Winnebago Public School Programs
  • Winnebago Schools Athletic Teams
  • Winnebago Veterans Association
  • Winnebago Cultural Programs
  • Whirling Thunder Wellness Program
  • Winnebago Child & Family Services
  • Winnebago Domestic Violence Program
  • Winnebago Headstart Program
  • Winnebago Community Parks
  • Winnebago Career Fairs
  • Winnebago Tribal Offices

Ho-Chunk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

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