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While Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s main mission is to benefit the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, investments and business activities are benefiting the entire region.

Between 2010 and 2014 Ho-Chunk spending generated:

  • More than $363.9 million in sales or total output
  • More than $126.6 million in wages and salaries
  • An average of 746 jobs each year

Over the next ten years, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has made a commitment to invest over $100 million in real estate development in the tri-state region. That includes a mixed use 200-acre development in Nebraska; a $27 million development in downtown Sioux City, Iowa and a $7.5 million development in South Dakota. This large investment will create new jobs and attract other business to the region which will benefit all its citizens. More information on these major developments can be found in the Investment section of this website.

Contrary to popular belief, Ho-Chunk, Inc. as a Tribally owned company does pay taxes. Our tax contributions are significant and will continue to grow as we acquire more property off-reservation throughout the region. Currently we have contributed millions of dollars to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, other states across the country and the Federal Government. Those taxes include sales, property, employment, income, as well as other categories.

*“The Economic Contributions of Ho-Chunk to the Winnebago Reservation, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and the U.S.”, Ernest Goss, Ph.D., Goss & Associates, August 2015.

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