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December 6, 2022


Aaron is an enrolled Winnebago Tribal Member and has been employed with Ho-Chunk, Inc. over 6 years. He is the Senior Manager at Ho-Chunk Farms Inc. and also oversees Ho-Chunk Management Services.

➡️ What does your role as Senior Manager entail?

My work entails managing and developing a large local team. I make all the business decisions for Ho-Chunk Farms and find ways to continue to grow the company.

I work a lot with the Tribe and Tribal entities as the field expert in agriculture.

My work also includes working with the state and local governments on a variety of levels. My job allows me to step outside my comfort zone and do something new every day.

➡️ Why do you feel working for a Native-owned company is important?

Working for Ho-Chunk, Inc. feels important because there are 5,500 Tribal members that depend on the work we do. I feel obligated to do what’s best for all of them.

As a member of the Tribe that owns Ho-Chunk, Inc., I feel like I have a strong connection and duty to be successful in the work we do. The work at a Native-owned company is about much more than profits. The work we do here will impact future generations and bring opportunities to them that not all tribal communities have.

➡️ How has Ho-Chunk, Inc. helped you grow?

Professionally, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has allowed me to work and educate myself all around the United States. I have been exposed to many different settings in business and politics, which has helped me become a well-rounded leader.

This company has also allowed me to internally build within the company and given me the chance to join the management team.

Personally, I have grown to be a provider for my family and am a role model in our community. Ho-Chunk, Inc. has given me opportunities to develop a platform for myself that I use to motivate others in my community.

➡️ Now for the fun question! What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I love to spend time with my wife and son. This usually consist of fishing, golfing, camping or just enjoying each other’s company at home.

I have a huge family, so I also enjoy spending time with all of them at birthdays and family get-togethers.

I believe I’m a great cook, so I would say hosting meals for family and friends is something I enjoy as well.

I recently stepped away from coaching high school boys’ basketball, but that was also something I truly enjoyed. I still love supporting all Winnebago athletics teams.

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