Since its inception in 1994, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has often taken on a dual mission of generating revenue and affecting positive change in the community itself. We are proud of the positive impact Ho-Chunk, Inc. has had not only on the Reservation, but also on the greater tri-state region where it is based.

Ho-Chunk, Inc. commissioned an independent economic impact study from Goss & Associates of Omaha, Nebraska.  The study reviewed the corporation’s progress over its 20 year history in revenue generation, job creation and social progress.  We are pleased to provide highlights from that study. Please watch our video to learn more about our economic and social impact.

3 Key Areas of Impact

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Economic Impact

As Ho-Chunk, Inc. has grown, so has its economic impact – locally and across the tri-state region of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Ho-Chunk, Inc. is now a leading regional employer and prominent developer of real estate and other capital projects.

Winnebago Reservation
Community Contributions
Tri-State Region

Social Impact

The economic success of Ho-Chunk, Inc. has led to numerous social improvements, including decreased poverty and increased education on the Winnebago Reservation.


Ho-Chunk Village

Through the creation of new job opportunities at Ho-Chunk, Inc., there came the need for additional housing on the Winnebago Reservation. The Ho-Chunk Village concept was developed to fulfill that void.


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