Economic Impact on the Winnebago Reservation

Return on Investment

From an original Tribal investment of $9 million, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has generated almost $75 million return on investment or 43.9%.


Between 2000 and 2014 Ho-Chunk, Inc. has contributed more than $53 million to the Winnebago community.

Income Increase

Between 2014 and 2017, median Winnebago household income rose by 23.6%.

Home Ownership

Winnebago home ownership rates climbed by 4.6%, more than double the region’s increase.

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Economic Impact on the Tri-State Region (Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota)

Ho-Chunk, Inc. is now a leading regional employer and prominent developer of real estate and other capital projects.

This growth has contributed significant direct impacts, including labor income and state/local taxes, in addition to pass-through benefits from spending that ripple throughout the greater regional economy.

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Impact Report

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