The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska struggled for many years with low income, high unemployment and a lack of affordable housing.

These economic problems and ensuing social problems encouraged many Tribal members to leave the reservation in search of new opportunity or to not seek a job at all because it would disqualify them from federal housing. Through the creation of new job opportunities at Ho-Chunk, Inc., there came the need for additional housing on the Winnebago Reservation. The Ho-Chunk Village concept was developed to fulfill that void. Upon its completion, the Ho-Chunk Village’s residential area will include over 110 housing units featuring single family home ownership, multi-family rental and live-work units.

Residential and Commercial Mixed-Use Building
Village Overview Rendering

Master Plan

Ho-Chunk, Inc. knew that in order to create more jobs the company would need additional housing on the reservation. Due to this realization, Ho-Chunk, Inc. purchased Dynamic Homes, an established system built homes manufacturer, as a means to construct affordable housing. The company then discovered a need for a construction company to set the homes which led to the creation of HCI Construction.

The vast majority of Tribal members at the time had never owned their own homes and many had poor credit or no credit to put towards a new home. Ho-Chunk, Inc. evaluated that issue and then created a pre-owned car dealership Titan Motors, on the reservation to charge fair interest rates for Tribal members allowing them to build their credit at a more affordable rate. Ho-Chunk, Inc. then purchased shares in a local bank to offer Tribal members fair financing towards their new homes.

The final addition was a real estate advocate. The advocate’s purpose is to work with Tribal members to establish a budget and to provide them with the knowledge they need to navigate the home buying process: building good credit; finance, insurance and mortgage; home maintenance and more.

Village Tour

Ho-Chunk, Inc. is working hard every day to generate revenue and jobs to support the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.  Our success in economic development has provided us the opportunity to improve an entire way of life.  Ho-Chunk, Inc. is building a brand new community on the Winnebago Reservation, Ho-Chunk Village.  The Village is a 40-acre mixed use development featuring commercial and residential development.  For the first time in the history of the Tribe, Tribal members are now able to realize the American dream of home ownership.  Work is continuing each year to expand the Village and continue building new homes and multi-family housing.  Please take a tour of the Village and its amenities.

Village Gallery