October 14, 2022


Julia is an enrolled Winnebago Tribal member and has been employed with Ho-Chunk, Inc. for 2 years. She was promoted to the role of Human Resources Assistant after starting as a receptionist at the Corporate office.

➡️ What does your job as a Human Resources Assistant entail?

I do onboardings, schedule drug screens, and do data entry for any compensation changes, promotions, etc. Two of the main companies I help with are Pony Express and SweetWater Cafe

➡️ Why do you feel working for a Native-owned company is important?

Being an enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe, I’ve witnessed a lot of positive things this company has done for the community. Knowing that Ho-Chunk, Inc. is giving back to the Winnebago Tribe makes me thrilled to hear what they’ll do next!

➡️ How has Ho-Chunk, Inc. helped you grow?

I’ve grown a lot working here in both of my positions. It’s helped me become more mindful and more resilient, both personally and professionally.

➡️ Now for the fun question! What do you like to do outside of work?

One of my main hobbies has been softball. My family has their own team, and it’s been something that I fell in love with ever since. Also, it’s something my children can play with us as well. One thing I’ve been interested in has been beading. I’m trying to get back into that, but it’s been a struggle. One of these day I’m hoping to get back into it!

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