The Impact


Ho-Chunk, Inc. has created a new economy for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Since its inception, from an original Tribal investment of $9 million, the company has generated almost $75 million return on investment or 43.9%. The S & P Index Annual ROI stands at 11% for the same time period.

Between 2000 and 2014 Ho-Chunk, Inc. has contributed more than $53 million to the Winnebago community. These contributions had a $100.7 million impact on the Reservation.*

*“The Economic Contributions of Ho-Chunk to the Winnebago Reservation, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and the U.S.”, Ernest Goss, Ph.D., Goss & Associates, August 2018.

Ho-Chunk Way is a voluntary program that invites Ho-Chunk, Inc. employees to donate to important causes in the Winnebago community. Ho-Chunk, Inc. matches all employee donations up to $25,000 annually.

Each year, the Ho-Chunk Way Committee designates a specific priority program that needs financial support.

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