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Joi Long awarded a scholarship to Little Priest Tribal College


July 5, 2022


Ho-Chunk, Inc. employee Joi Long has been awarded a scholarship to Little Priest Tribal College (LPTC) through an ongoing partnership between the college and Ho-Chunk, Inc.

This is the second scholarship Joi, who is a longtime employee, has received.

“Pinagigi! I am very honored to have been selected as the recipient for the LPTC Scholarship award,” said Joi, who is studying Federal Indian Law and Native American Literature. “I noticed their Native Studies courses and wanted to pursue the classes in this area. One should be aware of our own history and since much of it has been lost through our removals, I should learn as much as possible here at our local college.”

The Ho-Chunk, Inc. and LPTC Scholarship Program was created to promote employee development and emphasize the importance of continuing education.

“On a personal note, I enjoy history and learning about other cultures,” Joi added. “It’s never too late to return to college, and I want to improve upon myself through continuing education.”

Scholarships are awarded up to three times per year through this partnership.

“Ho-Chunk, Inc. values education, this includes the personal and professional growth of its employees,” said Willy Bass, Ho-Chunk, Inc. Scholarship Committee and Community Impact and Engagement Manager. “That is why we have partnered with Little Priest Tribal College to create the Ho-Chunk, Inc. Employee LPTC Scholarship program.”

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