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Meet Austin Johnson, 2022 Summer Intern


June 23, 2022


Austin has lived in Sioux City, IA for most of his life. He is a junior at the University of South Dakota, where he is double majoring in marketing and management.

Austin wants to use his time during the internship to learn how to be part of a team that never does the same thing twice and is always moving towards a tomorrow that is better than today.

If Austin had his own show, it would be like the Pirates of the Caribbean, except as a television series that goes on to discover ancient ruins deep beneath the ocean, and he is open to suggestions for the title.

One thing on his bucket list is to visit and learn more about ancient Central American civilizations. His favorite food is pancakes and just about any type of Asian cuisine follows as a close second.

His favorite quote is, “You will never be good at anything except pretending you’re good at things,” by Zack Pickens.

While this quote might not seem inspirational, Austin acknowledged, it takes a load off his mind knowing that he doesn’t have to be an expert in everything he does, but if he proceeds with confidence, something will eventually go right.

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