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Meet Charli Earth ,2023 Summer Intern


June 22, 2023

Meet Charli Earth! đź‘‹
Charli Earth was born and raised in Winnebago. She is an enrolled member of the Winnebago.
Tribe of Nebraska. She recently graduated from Little Priest Tribal College with her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts.
She plans on attending a university in the fall to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.
Charli’s favorite foods are pizza and alfredo.
What she has on her bucket list is to travel for months straight.
A quote Charli lives by is “Everything negative– pressure, challenges– it’s all an opportunity to rise,” Kobe Bryant.
What Charli hopes to learn during her time as an intern at Ho-Chunk, Inc. is critical thinking and strategic thinking skills. She also wants to understand community development and to find herrole within the company.

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