Meet Lilia Torres, Summer 2022 Intern


June 24, 2022


Lilia is originally from Sioux City, but she lived in Omaha and Flandreau, South Dakota, during her time in school. She is a member of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe.

Lilia is a recent University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate with a B.A. in Environmental Science with a minor in Native American Studies. She plans on continuing her education at the University of Houston in the spring of 2023.

During her time in the internship, she would like to gain stronger networking skills, efficient communication skills, and a better understanding of how a successful Native-owned business can positively affect and enhance their community’s economic and cultural growth.

If Lilia had her own show, it would be called “Lilly’s Next Adventure” and it would be about her traveling and exploring new places, especially national parks.

Visiting the Tongass National Forest in Alaska is at the top of Lilia’s bucket list. Her all-time favorite food is chicken alfredo or any type of Japanese cuisine.

Her favorite quote is, “Nothing is impossible to they who will try,” by Alexander the Great.

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