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Discover the Scholarship, Internship, and Academic Development Opportunities At Ho-Chunk Inc.

Ho-Chunk, Inc. Today

Native American Owned

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Ho-Chunk, Inc. Today

Discover The Scholarship, Internship, And Academic Development Opportunities At Ho-Chunk Inc.

Ho-Chunk, Inc. knows the value of a solid and progressive education. It is the foundation of any success for a Tribal community and for a Tribal corporation.

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Native American Owned

The traditional name for the Winnebago people is Hochungra, often shortened to Ho-Chunk. Our name is: “The People, Incorporated.”

The Winnebago Tribe started Ho-Chunk, Inc. in 1994 to help its people by creating jobs and diversifying the Tribe’s revenue. Our mission has since evolved to create both an economy and middle class on the reservation – measurably improving life in less than a generation.

As a people, we have always been resilient by working together. This approach has reliably guided us through adversity time and time again, and helped us achieve a record business year in 2020 despite all odds.

That same approach guides our business partnerships and client success, both today and for generations into the future.

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Impact News

  • Welcome Minnesota Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan to Dynamic Homes!

    Dynamic Homes Welcome Minnesota Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan

  • Yield of Giving Awards HoChunk Community Development Corporation (HCCDC) $2 Million

  • Ho-Chunk, Inc. Is A Sponsor At REZ 2024

  • Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s Jaime Monroe Joins The Board Of Nebraska Journalism Trust

  • Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s Willy Bass Joins MercyOne Siouxland Foundation Board

  • Native America Calling: The economic strength and responsibilities of tribal wealth

  • Native American Bank Awarded ‘Government Impact Deal Of The Year’ In tribal Financing

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Impact Spotlight: Ho-Chunk Farms

Agriculture is key to many tribes, including the Winnebago Tribe.
It impacts nearly all facets of life from an economic, health and cultural standpoint.

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Ho-Chunk, Inc. Impact 

Ho-Chunk, Inc. Impact

As Ho-Chunk, Inc. has grown, so has its economic impact – locally and across the tri-state region of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Ho-Chunk, Inc. is now a leading regional employer and prominent developer of real estate and other capital projects.

This growth has contributed significant direct impacts, including labor income and state/local taxes, in addition to pass-through benefits from spending that ripple throughout the greater regional economy.

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