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VIDEO: Congratulations to the Winnebago Senior Center!


September 7, 2023


Our employees have selected the non-profit as our 2023 Summer Recipient of the Ho-Chunk Way Employee Donations Program.

Last year alone, the Winnebago Senior Center served over 10,000 meals and made countless deliveries year-round for seniors who are homebound.

These meals are not only nourishing for their bodies, but also provide them with a sense of community and care.

All donations to Ho-Chunk Way will help replace the Winnebago Senior Center’s broken-down vehicle used for daily food delivery.

Employees have helped raise over $400,000 for Winnebago organizations since the Ho-Chunk Way began in 2017.

If you’d like to help, donations may be sent to the non-profit entity HoChunk Community Development Corporation to support the Ho-Chunk Way.

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