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ARTICLE: Lincoln’s Warhorse Casino Sport Betting


September 13, 2023


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Since the start of football season, the Warhorse Casino says it’s seen a big increase in sports betting profits.

Lynne McNally, CEO of the Nebraska Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, said she can’t give specific numbers until taxes have been filed.

But she said events like Husker games, Monday night football and Southeastern Conference contests have drawn in a lot more business.

“We were off to a little bit of a slow start because of baseball and the season that we opened,” McNally said. “But it is gangbusters now. We’ve had huge activity with football season starting, both NFL and NCAA.”

Twenty-five percent of Warhorse’s tax revenue goes to the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County, while 70% goes to the Nebraska Property Tax Relief Fund.

McNally said that no matter what you want to bet on, the casino has a variety of ways to do it.

“We have what’s called in-game play, so you can bet on upcoming action within a particular game,” she said. “Or you can bet a straight win-loss, or you can bet that they’re going to what’s called cover the spread.”

The casino also has futures, which is when you bet on an outcome far ahead in the season.

“There are a lot of people that – early before football season started – bet that the Huskers would win the national championship,” McNally said.

But before you do any betting, there are some rules to be aware of.

The biggest one is that you can’t bet on any in-state team when it’s playing within the state.

But out-of-state away games are perfectly legal.

You must also be over 21 and can’t be personally involved in any of the sports or teams you’re betting on.

McNally said Warhorse also has staff who can help if you don’t understand something.

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