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July 10, 2023


🌟 Get to Know Shanna J. Bridges! 🌟

👩‍💼 Role: Corporate Services Employee Experience Partner

🔍 What does my role involve?

As the Corporate Services Employee Experience Partner, I’m responsible for onboarding/offboarding, manager development, employee retention, and project and change management. I contribute to efforts that drive our company culture, mission, vision, and values, ensuring an exceptional employee experience. Ho-Chunk, Inc. is becoming the employer of choice in the Midwest market and beyond!

😃 What do I enjoy most about my work?

I absolutely love the endless opportunities at Ho-Chunk, Inc. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same vision and values as the organization has been key to my success. I’m passionate about connecting with others, highlighting talents, skills, and knowledge to make things happen!

🎉 How long have I been with the company?

I joined Ho-Chunk, Inc. a little over three months ago. In this short time, I’ve grown personally and professionally, with my proudest achievement being my newfound knowledge of the Winnebago Tribe. Their story and the work we do here fascinate me, and I’m eager to continue learning!

🚀 Favorite project so far?

One of my favorite projects has been the overhaul of New Hire Orientation. It’s been an exciting journey, as I thrive on meeting new people and making them feel comfortable. Bringing my energy and enthusiasm to this project was a perfect fit for me!

🐴 What do I enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, my true passion lies in horse riding. I’ve been working on re-establishing my own herd for the past five years, and you’ll find me on horseback every chance I get. My kids, Bowen (10) and Bentley (7), share my love for riding. My daughter competes in youth rodeo, while my son rides for fun. I also enjoy barrel racing whenever possible, although Bentley’s schedule is slowly taking over mine!

🎣 Something surprising about me?

I have a hidden love for fishing! We have a small farm pond behind our property stocked with bass, bluegill, and catfish. I’m on a mission to catch “Walter,” the giant bass that has eluded me so far. He’s broken my line three times, and I’m determined to reel him in!

💡 Insights for working at Ho-Chunk, Inc.?

If you’re considering applying or recently started at Ho-Chunk, Inc., here’s my advice: this is the place for personal and professional growth. The opportunities are endless, and the mission resonates with anyone who wants to make a difference for others.

💪 Most meaningful part of my job?

Using my strengths every day is crucial to me. Ho-Chunk, Inc. offers real possibilities, incredible people, and the chance to make a difference for the Winnebago Tribe and all those who work here.

🌍 Aspects of our mission I identify with?

Being part of such a socially focused organization is amazing. I wanted to make an impact, and Ho-Chunk, Inc. provides that opportunity. Our mission aligns with my personal goals of creating positive change for others.

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